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Known as Brand-K, representing brand of Korea! Dermafirm is a skin care line developed for medical aesthetics since 2002, and has been found in hospitals, dermatology clinics, and beauty spas. All Dermafirm products are challenging “troubled skin” with a management philosophy of making high quality products for all skin conditions. The result is visible skin improvement that has been getting raving reviews in South Korea.
Dermafirm skincare products are created with cutting-edge technology for the sole purpose of retaining healthy, youthful skin. The company has its own Peptide lab, Formulation Lab, and Medical Device Lab to ensure the finest ingredients and highest quality control. Dermafirm is a global brand that is making its way to a wider world market by demonstrating superior results.


Choose Dermafirm and Celebrate the Magic Skin Care Products Can Do!

True and Trustworthy Derma Cosmetics

Dermafirm’s formulated products are safe, clean, cruelty-free, worry-free, paraben-free, and free from harsh ingredient and artificial colours. Dermafirm consistently sells 100 million dollars in exports and earns the trust and recommendation of clinics, medical professionals, and consumers. Dermafirm is leading K-beauty around the world, and is now sold in 30 countries. Dermafirm’s skin cleansers, serums, toners, ampoules, and creams will transform your complexion and retain your youthful look.

Formulated Skin Care Products with Sincerity

Dermafirm stresses the importance of safety. Health-conscious cosmetics are the key to preserving our reputation among our worldwide customer base. Our organized line of labs and research facilities help us keep in standard with the derma cosmetics community to create skin care products with all-natural ingredients. We don't want to harm your delicate complexion so that you can enjoy beautiful-looking results without worry or concern! Our high-quality products and craftsmanship ethic make sure every customer gets what they want - purity in a bottle.

Prestigiously Awarded Skin Care Products

Dermafirm holds many accolades under its name. With 100 million in exports every year, it's no surprise it's trusted and highly sought after in derma cosmetics. Anyone from spas to medical clinics to everyday customers can take advantage of professional products and results. Dermafirm holds various ISO certifications in management, processing, and service so that we meet all the requirements for standard and quality assurance for skin care products.

Lipsome Technology

The applied science of our research team has allowed Dermafirm to utilize innovative technology in our skin care products - one of which is liposome technology. Liposome technology capsulizes key ingredients into small sizes to effectively deliver them to optimal places of skin. These advancements in derma cosmetics achieve better efficacy and avoid the side effects with non-invasive application. Liposomes are one of the ways Dermafirm reconfigures the function and delivery of its products and ensure that key ingredients reach target areas.

Choose Dermafirm and Celebrate the Magic Skin Care Products Can Do!

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The Certifications and Standard of Dermafirm Skin Care Products

The Certifications and Standard of Dermafirm Skin Care Products


The basic unit of quality is good manufacturing. Certified by ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Raw Material

Dermafirm R.M.R SystemTM manages raw material quality control, R&D, and direct production of ingredients in high purity.

One Way Life

We will keep our principles and promises. We will not forget our continued craftsmanship since our establishment in 2002.

Technology & Responsibility

Along with advanced technology, we emphasize consumer rights. Direct communication with consumers is key to our sales & quality assurance services.

Earth Friendly

Environmental business is no long a trend. It is a responsibility. We aim to save the earth with our ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System.

The Certifications and Standard of Dermafirm Skin Care Products
The Certifications and Standard of Dermafirm Skin Care Products

Dermafirm - An Award Winning Line of Skin Care Products

Dermafirm has developed an award-winning line of skin care products that have won worldwide recognition since its inception in 2002. By 2017, Dermafirm earned Brand of the Year, Best Entrepreneur, and Million Dollar-Club awards and the establishment of more laboratories to expand its production scale. Since then, Dermafirm has been awarded Presidential Awards, Minister Prizes, and Global Dermocosmetic Brand recognition. Among its generous accolades, Dermafirm won the 'Most Advanced Medical Spa Treatments Developers 2021' award from LUXlife Magazine Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards - a prestigious awards programme that recognizes business excellence.


Dermafirm Run 3 Unique Labs For The Highest Quality Control:

  • Formulation Development Lab - the Derma Science Lab
  • Peptide and Material Development Lab
  • Medical Device lab - developing innovative materials and researching optimal formulas