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Moisture rich soothing cream essential for skin
Our skin struggles to maintain moisture when suffering from dryness and stress. A finishing cream that gently locks in moisture is essential for healthy skincare.
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Key Points

ULTRA SOOTHING R4 A soothing/recovery skincare line featuring natural azulene and peptide compounds that soothe sensitive and flushed skin and help restore skin damaged by external stimuli.-Highly Soothing The concentrated azulene extract easily soothes flushed and sensitive skin - Surprising -Improvement in Damaged Skin Azulene, peptide complexes, 17 types of amino acid complexes, and perilla leaf extract all work together to tighten the skin and improve skin health. -Stable Active Compounds DERMAFIRM's special liposome technology improves the stability of active compounds, allowing them to be absorbed into the skin more quickly for an immediate difference.

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Primary Ingredients and Benefits

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How to Use

Take an appropriate amount and smooth evenly over your entire face, then gently pat to finish.

Soft creamy texture in light violet fortifies skin with soothing moisture

Ultra Soothing Solution

  • The #soothingcream immerse skin in deep moisture with a refreshing finish
  • Experience the #R4 system #restore your skin by keeping it moist and soothed
  • Bring skincare to another level with Dermafirm's #liposome technology

Check Point - Clinical Results

*August, 2021 / 30 female and male subjects with sensitive skin / dermatest®
**April 19-21, 2021 / 31 male and female subjects / SKINMED Clinical Trial Center

Ultra Soothing Hydra Cream R4